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    sábado, 20 de abril de 2019

    Especial – Dia do Índio – Filme Completo - AMG - Amazonia Release

    The Amazon jungle is steeped with mystique and enigma, bigger than any one man. Lost, and with nowhere to turn, Amazonia Release sees Danny Roddick racing for his life through the jungle, trying to escape the wrath of the Indian warrior tribe he has disturbed. Tradition wins out over modernity at his final capture when Danny is sacrificed by horny Indians in a ritualistic orgy. Don't miss this adventure! Cast: Alex Tentor, Danny Roddick, JJ Furtado, Joao Gabriel, Leandro Caruso, Leandro Pitanga, Lucas Ramiro, Oliver Lima, Peterson Correira, Ricardo Onça, Roger Carneiro, Will Castelo

    Starring Furtado, Alex Tenlor, Roger Carneiro, Will Castelo, Leandro Caruso, Peterson Correira, Joao Gabriel, Lucas Kamiro, Oliver Lima, Ricardo Onca, Leandro Pitanga, Danny Roddick
    Baixe o Filme Completo Aqui Mundo Mais  
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    Item Reviewed: Especial – Dia do Índio – Filme Completo - AMG - Amazonia Release Rating: 5 Reviewed By: Renan
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