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    segunda-feira, 24 de fevereiro de 2020

    Especial do Carnaval - Filme Completo - Orgy At The Bareback Carnival


    Orgy at the Bareback Carnival is a release from Eagle Video featuring Prague twinks and jocks engaged in a group of bareback sex. It’s one long scene lasting 90 minutes. Despite the title, there is no carnival although the fucking is without condoms.
    The movie starts with giving the credits of the cast along with their faces. This ends and they do it again, only with different music in the background. I guess that was in case you left the room or was too dumb to remember it the first time, but then again this is one of Alan Pelikan’s productions, so nothing with an amateur look surprises me.
    The one scene opens with Robert Driveman shirtless and wearing a pair of leather chaps leading twink Mildi Onyx around the room with a chain and collar. Mildi is wearing some odd leather ensemble with a jock strap. Suddenly a group of six guys arrive at the house and enter wearing a variety of clothing to represent some role. Vilem Manson is dressed in an Army uniform, Chavier Buddy is in a cop uniform; Marty Drogba has on an Air Force shirt and “matching” white sweatpants; Ryan Philippe is in a Navy uniform, Paul Rascal has the skater look going with his bulky clothes and a skateboard hanging off his back, and John Viper is dressed in regular street clothes. The uniforms on these guys are all bulky and way too big. Those with the twink look going for them are Mildi, Vilem, Chavier, and Ryan. Robert, Paul, and Marty have that jock look with the tight muscled physiques. John is more of an average looking guy.
    It doesn’t take long once the guys arrive for the sucking to get started. Normally, Alan has these guys breaking off into groups of three, but this time they break off into pairs and begin kissing and making out. Once they get past that, they commence sucking dick. Mildi is sucking Robert, John is down on Marty’s dick, Ryan is on Paul’s and Vilem is sucking Chavier’s. Robert gives his physique a little self-worship as Mildi sucks his dick. The guys speak English but they know very little so there aren’t a big variety of words used here. Alan’s films always have one or two hotties that stand out and in this case, Robert stands out with his perfect look. With his blonde hair, big dick and flawless physique, he is hot in anyone’s book. Paul has that long loose hair hanging out of his baseball cap with his athletic body look. Marty is more chiseled with nice pecs and ripped abs.

    Having seen some of Alan’s films before I already know to expect long scenes of the same thing going on and on and sure enough that is what goes on here. The guys stay in the same position sucking cock for 20 minutes before things change. Paul swaps up with Ryan and begins sucking his dick. Ryan has remained fully clothed having only taking his dick out of his pants. John still has his pants on while sucking Marty. Meanwhile John and Mildi have been sucking their partners’ dicks for 30 minutes and we finally get a glimpse of Vilem and Chavier where they have swapped positions, and Chavier is sucking Vilem.
    After 32 minutes of being sucked, John and Marty swap positions with Marty sucking John; however he hardly takes more than an inch or two of John’s dick into his mouth. Robert moves to his hands and knees for Mildi to rim his perfect smooth ass. If not for watching Robert, I don’t think I could sit through this video. Paul and Ryan sit up by Vilem and Chavier while Vilem sucks all three of them. Ryan finally gets naked (halfway through the film) while he, Paul, and Chavier bend over so that Vilem can rim each one of them. John also has his tongue up in Marty’s butt.
    Robert is first to start the fucking as he slides his bare dick up into Mildi’s ass sidesaddle. I have seen Robert suck in other videos so I am not sure why he doesn’t suck in this one. Paul shoves his condomless dick up into Ryan for some doggy style fucking. Marty gives it to John missionary style, and Chavier does the same with Vilem. After Robert fucking Mildi for 28 minutes sidesaddle, they change to the doggy style position. Marty and John change to John riding Marty’s dick reverse cowboy. Paul is fucking Ryan missionary style, and Chavier is pumping away at Vilem’s hole doggy style.
    For the final ten minutes, the guys kick up the momentum---pounding asses, slapping asses, breathing heavy, talking loudly, and actually starting to give some interest to this so far boring film. For the finale, they all stand around a laying down Vilem and 6 of the guys blow their load on him. We see Marty followed by Mildi, and then a faceless body shooting, followed by Robert, Chavier, and Ryan. We are left to wonder if it was John or Paul that shot, and we don’t see Vilem blast out a cum shot.

    Directed by: Alan Pelican
    Starring: Chris, Peter, Janos, Victor, Marel

    Baixe o Filme Completo Aqui

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