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    segunda-feira, 20 de julho de 2020

    Filme Completo - Alexander Pictures - Black Drillers

    Black Drillers opens with Duarte da Rua and Otavio Silva sitting back stroking while looking at a couple of tittie mags. They both clearly need some relief and Estevam Lobo is only a call away. After the initial warm-up, the guys get Estevam in both ends with a good spit-roast. Once they've gotten their fill of that, Otavio fucks the cum right out of Estevam and Duarte shoots on the boy's chest before Otavio squirts an award-winning load on The boy's whole torso. Anibal Ribeiro and Pascoal Coelho are sweet and gentle but once Anibal's big black dick comes out, it's a different story. He feeds Pascoal first before working his fat prick up Pascoal's little asshole. Pascoal ends up sitting down on Anibal's lap and fucking himself until he squirts. Once he's out of the way and Anibal can get a grip on his massive prick, he rubs out a load that coats his hard abs and pumping fist. There's a huge cock hanging between the legs of Neitor Madeira which Alef Carvalho quickly devours. It's a sloppy blowjob that will have your own cock against your abs in no time. Neitor uses Alef's mouth and hole as if they are just tools there to get him off. And get him off they do! His low-hanging nuts bounce off Alef's ass and after a few position changes Neitor dumps a gorgeous load all over Alef. Black Drillers is a film that features just that… black dick drilling deep into white holes. From the first scene to the last, the fucking is hard, hot and seemingly endless! Cast: Duarte da Rua, Estevam Lobo, Otavio Silva, Anibal Ribeiro, Pascoal Coelho, Julio Andrade, Rodrigo Beckmann, Renato Moraes, Neitor Madeira and Alef Carvalho, Andre Ferreira, Martino Paiva, Leandro Cruz

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