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    sexta-feira, 14 de agosto de 2020

    Clássico - Filme Completo - Sex for Sale (Cazzo Film)

    Clássico - Filme Completo - Sex for Sale (Cazzo Film)
    Lots of mileage and spunk stains to be had out of this raunchy film from German filth monger, Cazzo Pranks. Very horny boys getting involved with a dirty minded photographer who likes to induce filthy three-way and sex sessions with the hot boys he picks up off the street then gets back to his photography studio. Interesting internet sequence, with guy being filmed on line in order that people can send instructions via the WWW ordering him to get big dildos up his arse. Skinheads and bovver boot boys get together for erection inducing three-way involving blindfolds, harnesses and bell end cock rings. One of the most arousing scenes is with a photographer who gets a very fit dish to parade for his camera. What a job this guy has as he gets his subject to pose for him in ever more suggestive poses, wearing less and less as he does so. He then gets him to dress, and seduce the camera in all sorts of kinky gear, including harnesses, before pushing back the boundaries of sex for a no-holds-barred bonk match. It all starts with a mouth watering sucking- off, with lots of wandering fingers that find nice holes. In a later scene, a great shag unfolds in a hotel room after two yummy lads pick each other up off the street, and indulge in lots of hard fucking with legs wide apart, until they are amusingly caught by the hotel cleaner. Fab foursome and shower scene to round things off with all the best of the cast, who fuck and suck on each other's nice fat sausages - tasty. Excellent all rounder with something to satisfy every look, taste and scene.


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