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    terça-feira, 4 de agosto de 2020

    Superman VS Zod : Jessie Colter & Lance Hart

    Superman VS Zod : Jessie Colter & Lance Hart
    Superman is still locked in a cell with a kryptonite chastity cage on his knob, blocking his powers, and blocking his ability to have an erection and empty his blue balls. A villain, and henchman of the Evil Dr Kincade, Jessie Colter, enters the cell to agony the stud of Steel.
    First Superman demands to be released. When Jessie just laughs at him, this chab tries to fight back, but Jessie is much stronger, and just toys with him, busting and squeezing his balls and throwing him around.
    Then Jessie acquires serious. He tells Superman that his dominant is not cheerful with him. He needs Superman to final longer previous to cumming, and that’s what they are going to work on this day.
    First Jessie teases him, leaving him in chastity for his dong to swell against the cage. Then that guy ties his ramrod and balls up with a rope, leading him around the room, humiliating him. He makes Superman count the kicks to his balls, then lastly begins to toy with his schlong.
    Every time Superman acquires close to cumming, Jessie pulls the rope and steps on his balls. After a scarcely any times, Superman is begging for release. Jessie tells him that the next phase of his training will be anal, and this guy will have to ask to be drilled in the booty if that guy wishes to cum.
    The chap of metallic is broken, tells Jessie that that guy owns his balls and this chab will do whatsoever that guy craves, “Just please let me cum…”
    Jessie leads Superman into the cold-blooded Dr Kincade’s office, where this guy 1st met Superman. He puts Superman on the scrutiny table, unties his balls and leaves him briefly, returning with a “Purple Kyptonite Dildo.” This sort of kyptonite is not beefy sufficiently to him, but does contain an aphrodisiac, which will drive the fellow of metallic insane.
    “Now supplicate me to fuck u with this!” Superman protests at 1st, but his blue balls win and that guy breaks. Jessie puts his boots in the stirrups and goes to city on his arse. While that guy is pounding Superman’s prostate, his knob acquires rock hard.
    Superman tries to fight it, but cums all over himself, which Jessie collects for greater quantity experiments. Then Jessie makes Superman acquire on his knees and service his hard schlong until this chab cums all over Superman’s face and chest. Jessie kicks Superman in the balls a pair times, then leaves him on the ground with the Kryptonite sex tool still up his a-hole.
    While Jessie is gone, Superman regains some strength, pull the sex tool out and hides behind the door to sneak attack Jessie. He knees the villain in the balls, gathers his super costume, and escapes stripped.

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