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    domingo, 20 de setembro de 2020

    Solo - Papito - Vin Marco

    Solo - Papito - Vin Marco
    With his ripped, rock hard muscle, Vin Marco has been setting the muscle worship world on fire. With his live shows on and the hot videos and image galleries at, Vin Marco is the answer to a muscle worship fantasy and he delivers in front of the camera and now behind as well.

    After working with other producers, Vin and his partner Alex decided to form their own company that caters to those who love muscle. Together, they have created their own genre of muscle worship video with an emphasis on creativity, locations and costumes. “We knew we could do things different and bring something to the viewer that most sites and studios weren't doing” states Vin. 

    I had to opportunity to go below the belt with Vin Marco and get the scoop on what drives this muscle god, how he got into the industry and what his passions in life are.


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